Forfend Security – The Era of Facial Recognition

Forfend security lock

Facial recognition is a type of biometric technology from Forfend Security that enables a device to identify or verify users through collecting and comparing the digital images of different human faces.

In recent years, the expanding market of facial recognition products has drown an increasing number of companies to invest in the research and development of such technology.

Among them, Forfend Security specializes in producing high-tech, everyday items for the general clientele, and has made its share of contribution to the popularization of facial recognition technology.

In October 2017, Corum Security, a company affiliated with Forfend, launched its new product, the facial recognition door lock.

This smart lock allows the use of password, facial recognition,
keycard, or key to unlock. Its facial recognition function is highly accurate, efficient, and effective even in complete darkness.

Its sleek appearance and considerate design in details have harvested excellent reviews from the first group of users. For instance, the lock fits the dead bolt, which spares the need to change or remove the bolt, one of the things that make the
lock trouble-free to install.

At the bottom of the lock, there is an external 9V emergency battery contact point, So you can simply use a battery to reactivate the system when the lock is dead.

One button on the lock allows the user to reset to factory default setting in case the user loses the key card or forgets the password.

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Forfend Security takes seriously user feedback and suggestions. In the past year, engineers at Forfend worked hard to modify and optimize algorithm to meet customers’ requirements and
developed an APP that allows long distance control of the lock.

In fall 2018, Forfend will launch a new type of door lock and a facial recognition safe. The new products are more energy efficient, with much faster daytime facial recognition capability.

Users in the United States and Canada can also unlock the products with their driver’s licenses. The APP enables the user to unlock from a distance, check unlocking records anytime, send alerts in dangerous situations, locate the device through GPS, et cetera.

With a built-in LED light, the facial recognition safe is made strictly following the DOJ testing standards.

Forefend is fully ready to launch its products exclusively on Kick starter in fall 2018, and will continue to research and develop new products to meet a wider range of needs.

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What do you trust more than your own face ?