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Compare Infinix S5 Vs Infinix S4 – What Has Changed and Improved

infinix s5 vs infinix s4
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Both devices from Infinix Mobile comes into the market in the same year just some month differences between them. Now, let compare Infinix S5 Vs Infinix S4 to what Infinix Mobile has done and what remains the same.

You should know that the S series devices from Infinix Mobile have been of the good devices that the brand releases every year.

The first S series, S1 was released in 2016 which is followed by the S2 then we have the S3 and then S3x until this year that we have the S4 and Infinix capped it Infinix S5 and S5 Lite.

Now let compare the two devices and see the news and the olds that both appear on both devices.

Comparing Infinix S5 Vs Infinix S4 in All Aspects

Most time people do say that the Chinese mobile phone brand Infinx do come with the same devices every year but just changing the name of the device. Well, let us compare Infinix S5 Vs Infinix S4 and see if that is true.

Design on both devices.

One identical thing about the two devices is the buttons on the sides (Power Button and Volume rockers) and also the bottom of the device that has the speaker grille and the microphone port and the charging port.

Except for the fact that if you check well, you can use the camera modules on the devices to differentiate the Infinix S5 from infinix S4

Display On Infinix S5 vs Infinix S4

There is a lot of improvement on the display aspect when compare the Infinix S5 Vs Infinix S4.

Infinix S4 came with a 6.2 inch LCD IPS display type that has a resolution of 720 x 1520 on a 19:9 aspect ratio. It has an immersive and impressive display quality.

The Infinix S5, on the other hand, has a 6.6 inch LCD IPS display that also has a punch hole cut out that houses the front camera. This display comes holding on to a 720 x 1600 resolution and a 20:9 aspect ratio.

Display on the Infinix S5 vs the display on the Infinix S4 shows great improvement and also some great moves to have come with a punch hole on it and holds the front camera in it.

Camera Aspect

This aspect on both devices is something that is really impressing and Infinix tends to come out every time with some improvement on the camera capabilities on new devices.

The real truth is, if we compare infinix s5 vs infinix s4 in terms of camera, the Infinix S5 has better camera modules/lens and more capabilities. How?

infinix s5 vs infinix s5 lite

On the Infinix S5, it has a Quad-camera lens. A 16MP main camera at F/1.8 and a 2MP camera lens for MACRO photography and another 5MP camera for a great wide-angle shot and another 2MP depth-sensing lens.

All of this translates to much better and great photography if you get the Infinix S5 and that is why I said Infinix S5 is better in terms of camera.

Nevertheless, you should know that both the Infinix S4 and S5 still rocks the same 32MP front camera. Just that the S5 camera sits inside the punch hole on the device screen and the Infinix S4 comes with the triple camera (13MP + 2MP + 8MP).

Performance and Storage options

Did you know that these two devices are more twin on the performance side? They both use the same MediaTek Helio P22 Chipset which has an Octa-core processing Unit and uses PowerVR GE8320 as GPU.

If we are to talk about the Operating systems on both devices, there is no much difference as they both use Android 9.0 pie but there is a newer version of XOS on Infinix S5.

Now to the Storage Aspect.

On the Infinix S4, there a 3GB RAM and also 6GB RAM model and the storage goes as 32GB and 64GB respectively.

On the Infinix S5, there is a 4GB and also a 6GB RAM model but the 6GB RAM model comes with a huge 128GB ROM and there is another version – Infinix S5 Lite which comes in lesser storage.

My Overall Verdict Comparing Infinix S5 vs Infinix S4

If you switching from Infinix S4 to Infinix S5 I will say you are making a good move, WHY?

  • Larger Display
  • New Functionalities
  • Better camera and photography capabilities
  • More storage for your files

So, to me comparing the Infinix S5 Vs Infinix S4 might not seem like a much difference but if you want a great camera and a wider display S5 got you covered. Never the less Infinix S4 is still Quite a great device.

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