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Best Apps To Learn Korean Language For Both Android & iOS

apps to learn korean language
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Been multilingual is a string point in getting an international job of your dream or gives you a bit of advantage when you travel abroad. In the post, we will be discussing the best apps to learn Korean language.

Watching Korean dramas made me fall in love with their culture and want to learn it. I am not alone on this. Instead of paying for a class session to learn, why no try the best pass to learn Korean it helps save money and teaches on what you want.

With these apps install on your smartphone, you are ready to say Annyeong( hello). With no too much time waiting, let’s set the top best apps to learn Korean a speak effectively.

Top Best Apps To Learn Korean On Both Android and IOS Devices

1. LingoDeer

Lingodeeer is one of the best apps to learn the Korean language. It based its approach on innovative and fun ways that won’t keep the learner bored. From the point of download and installation on your device, you start to learn.

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It starts up from a simple level and you begin to learn deep which will improve your speaking and writing. On good thing is that Lingodeer doesn’t pick words or phrases at random as most apps do, the words, sentences, and phrases are well organized to help you as you grow in the language.

Download LingoDeer on Android and IOS

2. Drops: Best apps to learn Korean

Best apps to learn Korean

A popular app that focuses on teaching different languages in which Korean is one of them. It bases it’s teaching on vocabulary and phrase learning. It moves on to the rapid pace in which learners get to learn in a short period of time. It also teaches using games and there are quizzes that help the learners. The free version only teaches for five minutes a day. But the paid version unlocks the entire feature of the app.

Download Drops on Android and IOS

3. Dongsa: Best Apps To Learn Korean

Dongsa is one of the best apps to learn Korean out there that teaches verbs, conjunctions, and help you improve in no time. Dongsa means verbs in Korea and that’s what the app focuses on. Also, it helps you know how to write and learn the Korean alphabet in no time.

Download Dongsa on Android

4. TenguGo Hangul

The TenguGo app teaches on the history and structure of the Korean people. And also help you learn the Korean language at your own pace. It employs the use of step by step lessons, quizzes, and flashcards to teach. It teaches beginners how to pronounce the Korean alphabets using audios and animated demonstration of mount and tongue positions.

The app includes vowels and consonants charts and how to read and write in Korea easily.

Download TenguGo Hangul on Android and IOS.

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5. Mondly

Best apps to learn Korean

The last on this list of best apps to learn Korean is mondly. Mondly is a very popular language app that also teaches Korean. It goes direct in teaching your conversation in Korea. Yes, it includes all the basic lessons you need to start a conversation. It features tools like audio pronunciation, quizzes, verb conjunctions, and many more.

Download Mondly on Android and IOS.

Been multilingual isn’t easy so these apps are there to help. And they like carrying your language class with you since they are on your mobile phone. Want to learn Korean in no time then what are you waiting to try these apps out now.

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