Apple Reduces iPhone 8, iphone XR Price & still Made Available


During the just-concluded Apple Event 2019 Apple CEO, Tim Cook, talked about the price of the new iPhone 11, iPhone 11 pro and the iPhone 11. Surprisingly he made mention about the price of the iPhone 8 the iPhone XR.

iPhone XR was released last year alongside the iPhone XS MAX. iPhone XR is the most beautiful smartphone Apple ever made as it comes in different astonishing colors and also it has a sleek design.

The Apple iPhone 8 will now go on sale for about $450 in the United States. In the united kingdom, it will be about £480. The price might varies depending on the city you are. But the price won’t exceed the lowest of €530. If you trade-in you will $120 price cut off.

Apple iPhone XR price is now slashed down to cost about $600 for the 64GB model. People in some other parts of the world would get it for £630 & €700. And if you an old iPhone then you can trade it and Apple will cut off $200 from the process.

The prices I have talked about are the price for the 64GB model of the iPhone XR and the iPhone 8. Remember there is a 128GB Model and the price will be higher than this. When iPhone XR laucnhed it was $750 and iPhone 8 started at $700 in 2017.

Not Just the iPhone gets a discount, Apple Watch series also receives a discounted price. The Apple Watch Series 3 has been discounted to $200. And if you use the Cellular model you will get it for $300.