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10+ Websites To Download Latest & Old Yoruba Movies for Free 2022

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Looking for websites To Download The Latest Nigerian Yoruba Movies? If you are a top fan of Yoruba movies and you want to download Yoruba movies then these sites to download the latest Yoruba movies are for you.

The Yoruba movies took the scene by surprise several years ago because of its top actions and historical display. There are a lot of fans of Nigerian movies and in between, we have people that watch Yoruba movies.

Especially if your mother language is Yoruba or you are from Yoruba land and that is why we have come up with websites to download Yoruba movies for free. The movies showcase top Yoruba traditions and have gained a lot of fans at home and abroad.

The websites to download free Yoruba movies come with certain features better than theirs. Let get down to see them. [Note]: These websites to download free Yoruba movies were not arranged according to rankings or any metrics they are just listed based on the fact that they offer free Yoruba movies.

10+ Latest & Old Yoruba Movies Download Sites For Free 2021 – 2022

1. Waploaded

This website is a pure Naija site that is packed full of Nigerian movies, this website provides the latest Yoruba movies for download for free. A very easy website to download the latest Yoruba movies with no form of problems or pack of instructions to follow before download.

Visit Waploaded.

2. TheNetNaija

This website is a boom, An awesome website that has lots of movies, be it Nollywood, Hollywood, and so on. To download your favorite and latest Yoruba movies, look no further because with Netnaija you are already there. This is the top among the websites to get your Yoruba movies in 2022.

Visit NetNaija.

3. Amonpointv

I am on point (just to split the name) is really on point with lots of Yoruba movies. The site is simple and clear. The download is easy with no much time to waste. The Yoruba movies on the website are arranged in order of updates. It also has a search space to enable users to search for the latest movies to watch. One of the simplest sites to use on the list of top websites to download the latest Yoruba movies.

Visit Amonpointv.

4. NaijaPals

This is another easy to use the website for downloading free Yoruba movies. Not too attractive but boast of a collection of old and new Yoruba films. Simple user interface and it’s easy to navigate with no complications. Downloading on this site is also done with no sweat.

5. Naijaolofofo

Naijaolofofo can be an addictive website for movies and other entertainment. Full of latest movies and TV shows. The website has a collection of the latest Yoruba movies to download and they are for free. You can also download the latest Yoruba music from this site if you are a lover.

Visit Naijaolofofo

6. Codedwap

The next website is Codedwap and they get their videos directly from Youtube. Any video you can get on youtube can also be found on this site. A very straightforward website. On your visit, it directs you to search or choose the category of movie you want. You can also get the latest Yoruba movies here for free just as you can get on YouTube.

Visit Codedwap.

7. YouTube

There is no one that doesn’t know about Youtube and on YouTube, there is a wide collection of Yoruba movies as well. You can watch the latest Yoruba online or download it to your phone. Follow these to know steps and how to download movies from youtube straight to your PC or Mobile devices.

Tho the movies on youtube are uploaded by channel owners and sometimes the channels might not upload some latest movies but they always try to give Updates of movies are on a regular basis. The videos come in high definition and are pleasing to the eyes. You can also download other Nollywood moves on this website. Visit Youtube to search and download or watch the latest Yoruba movies.

8. 9jaRocks

9jarocks is the latest on the list of top websites to watch free movies including Yoruba films. A simple and easy-to-use website that commands a series of other entertainment. 9jarocks has a collection of Yoruba movies that allow fans to choose from.

Visit 9jaRocks

9. GLTrends

Another guarantee website is gltrends. An awesome and easy website to download the latest and old 9ja Yoruba movies. Yoruba movies are updated on this site regularly. So you can get the latest movies here to watch.

Visit trends.

10. Naijawapaz

Finally on the list is Naijawapaz. Their goal is to entertain so no problem using this site to get downloads of movies done. It has a wide collection of nice and latest Yoruba movies that can keep you busy.

Visit Naijawapaz.

There you have it the top websites to download free and latest Yoruba movies. Each of these websites has some downsides, for example, annoying ads that pop. Apart from that, they are all nice websites to get your latest and old Yoruba movies. Let us know which you will be using to make your download.

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