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Top 12 Best Websites To Download Foreign Music In Nigeria 2021

websites to download foreign music
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The internet since its invention has made things easier for humanity. Anything that you find useful and helpful to you can now be found on the net. Even music lovers and artists have taken advantage of this invention. I will be focusing on websites to download foreign music for free.

Like I said earlier stated, you can now sit in the comfort of your room and make tons of downloads that include music of your choice – check these websites to download Naija songs. Most locality can now download foreign music into their mobile device or computer.

But not all websites out there provide quality downloads and some even secretly have malware’s which can find their way into your device and cause harm to your devices. Though these websites to download foreign music aren’t the best. But still, serve.

The best foreign music sites are paid for. Why pay to download when you can easily make downloads. But still, the paid websites are the best. However, those of us who love free stuff can stick with these websites. Let me quickly make a rundown of all the sites that are found helpful.

12 Best Websites To Download Foreign Music For Free in 2021

1.  Toxicwap.com

Toxicwap is one of the best sites to download both Naija and foreign music for free. Most think Toxicwap is all about the movies. Well, they offer more than that. You can download foreign music on this site too. Even music videos, concert videos, and music award night like the grammy, BET awards, and much more. Foreign music is arranged into categories. Just move to the genre you want and search. You can also use the search bar. Which I think is faster.

2. Wiseloaded.com

Wiseloaded is known as a platform of free music and video downloads. There is a section to download foreign music though. Here you can find foreign music genres from pop, hip-hop and so much more. You can also download the videos of the songs too. The site is well arranged and easy to use.

Visit Wiseloaded

3. Hitmytrack.com

A very simple and unique website. With black and white color for the background, I know there won’t be any difficulty using this site. Foreign music is constantly updated and you can also get lyrics to the songs. If you don’t want to stress a lot just use the search bar to search for the song you want to download.

Visit Hitmytrack

4. Hotnewwhiphop.com

Just as the name implies. Hotnewwhiphop website is for all lovers of hip-hop. The site constantly makes updates on their website to keep fans updated on the latest released songs. The site is simple and easy to use. When making a download, they provide you with the lyrics of the song. So you groove along when listening to it. The website also has sections for news from all spheres of entertainment. You won’t be bored at all.

Visit Hotnewwhipop

5. Music212.com

Looking for the latest foreign songs try this website. The user interface is really friendly. And downloads are easy to make. This site though is not completely for foreign music. But has both foreign and Naija songs. Music is on constant update on this site. So I urge you to try this out.

Visit Music212

6. Talkmusics.com

Just as the name implies, talk music is an excellent website to get both foreign music and locals too. The well has an awesome layout and the categories are well arranged. You can get Ghanaian songs and other Africa music here too. Hip-hop lovers are not left out. There is also a section for lyrics where you get lyrics for songs.

Visit TalkMusics

7. Trendybeatz.com

A well-loaded website. This has foreign music, comedy videos, and African music. The owners arranged the site to make it easy for visitors in getting what they want and make quick downloads without stress. And for those who love reading artist profiles well you’re on the right web.

Visit Trendybeatz

8. Hotmack.com

I love this website for one thing. The way they arrange their songs. You can search for songs by using the artist’s name. Get the latest release on time and the files aren’t that large. The website gives you an option to search for both new and old songs. And the interface well simply great.

Visit Hotmack

9. 430box.com

Well, this website is known for mistakes and Dj mix. Both have a section for foreign music. You get to download the latest release from different genres. The site is simple to use and downloads are fast.

Visit 430Box

10. Olagist.net

An amazing website to make music downloads. Not the best but the easiest to use. Foreign Music is updated as released. You can also search for songs of your choice using the search bar. I love the background color and the way the music is arranged.

Visit Olagist

11. Hipsound.net

One of the best in this list of websites to download foreign music. Well-arranged layouts. And the music images are also nice. Even if you don’t want to make downloads they can tempt you. You can also find the music of other regions on this website. And search for music using the tags on the webpage.

Visit Hipsound

12. Mp3mansion.org

This website offers an all-around genre of music. From gospel to foreign music. It also has a section where you can check song lyrics too. You can also download music videos too. Just in case. The ads aren’t that heavy on this site. So you can navigate freely.

Visit Mp3mansion

My Final Say On The Websites To Download Foreign Music For Free

There you have it, these websites aren’t perfect in their own wise. But can help a lot in making free downloads of foreign songs and albums. I know I didn’t mention all the websites that allow you to download foreign music for free. So you can help by mentioning the one you know well in the comment box below. Check each out and stick with the one you think is best for you.

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