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Vital software and hardware for sports fans in 2022

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2022 is set to be another landmark year for technology enthusiasts, with plenty of software and devices for people to enjoy. Sports fans are lucky to be part of an industry that has embraced technology, particularly when it comes to fan engagement, which means there are a number of great apps for fans to download. There is something for everyone. From price comparison apps like oddschecker, which provide the best odds, expert analysis and tips, as well as listing online casinos with free no deposit spins, to news apps like The Athletic, which offer detailed articles from some of the world’s top journalists.


Thanks to the popularity of smartphones, we all have high-quality equipment that can run all kinds of software, which is great news for sports fans. The aforementioned comparison apps are great for keeping the fun going long after the match is over.

Many of the sportsbooks they list also provide live streams for matches, so they are definitely worth having. News apps are also great in terms of keeping the fire lit outside of match day with informative articles that give greater insight into professional teams, athletes and coaches.

Social media apps like Twitter have also become must-haves for sports fans with millions using it to converse with fans around the world before, during and after games. It has become a great alternative to going to the stadiums, bars or pubs by providing the social element that was previously lacking when watching sports at home.


As well as our mobile phones, tablets, and laptops there are now hundreds of available devices that sports fans can enjoy. Those who enjoy keeping fit and recording their results would enjoy fitness tracker devices such as Fitbit or the Apple watch.

These are often also compatible with sports apps, enabling fans to see notifications like score updates without even taking their phone out of their pocket. When it comes to watching sports, the future is here with virtual reality headsets gaining popularity among fans of all sports.

With equipment such as Oculus’ Rift and Quest devices, fans can enjoy live sports events from their living rooms while feeling like they’re in the stadium with other fans. With the growth in popularity of the metaverse, we can expect more and more people to purchase these devices, particularly with more of us staying at home rather than going to the stadiums. In addition to sports, entertainment events like music concerts and festivals are becoming increasingly available via virtual reality technology.

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