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10 Apps To Learn The Japanese Language With Ease

best apps to learn japanese language
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The most recent and cost-free method of learning Japanese on your own time is through the best apps to learn Japanese. You’re undoubtedly wondering how a free app could provide you with a meaningful learning experience.

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In fact, whether you’re a novice or an accomplished learner, using these apps to learn Japanese is an excellent approach to learning the language. You don’t have to do much. All you need to do is install one of these apps or two for quicker learning. Most of these apps to learn Japanese but some come with additional chargers.

Mind you you might need an internet connection to access these apps because they do not work offline. I personally use one of these apps to learn not only Japanese but other languages when am free from work. Want to be multilingual, then let these apps help you out.

Top 10 Apps To Learn The Japanese Language Without Stress

1. Duolingo

Duolingo is a comprehensive program for learning the fundamentals of other languages. This app has skyrocketed in popularity in recent years. Hiragana is the first word that Japanese language students learn before moving on to simple topic areas. Topics like food, sentiments, and shopping. Absolute beginners might prefer to use the app in conjunction with other study tools. This is because they find the app’s explanation of grammar or other language aspects to be insufficient. However, Duolingo is our first pick best app to learn Japanese.

2. Kanji Recognizer

For many people learning Japanese who were raised outside of East Asia, kanji can be a significant barrier. With the aid of the Kanji Recognizer, users may quickly handwrite characters. And learn their readings, stroke orders, and fundamental meanings. This app shows On-yomi and kun-yomi readings on the screen in katakana and hiragana, respectively. Additionally, it also shows each kanji’s JLPT level.

3. LingoDeer

Our next best app to learn Japanese is a competitor to Duolingo. The app employs a comparable all-around method across a variety of areas. The program has an advantage over Duolingo in grammar-focused sections. Because the developers designed it for learning Asian languages. Additionally, native speakers read sentences, providing a helpful example for pronunciation. However, as preferences differ, it is worthwhile to try both apps and decide which you like best.

4. Imiwa

For those learning Japanese, this extensive dictionary app is highly helpful and has a simple, clear design. Finding kanji that are organized by JLPT level and academic grade is simple. You can also create custom vocabulary lists using the favorite feature. But, users should be aware that the quality of the example sentences varies. You can also check out the best apps to learn Spanish. if you desire to learn more than one language.

5. HiNative

This app allows users to ask inquiries directly to native speakers of Japanese and other languages. Finding solutions to learning issues is made simple by the predetermined formats for inquiries. Such as asking how to pronounce a word in the target language or whether a phrase sounds natural. By responding to inquiries about your native tongue, you can help others.

6. Drops

The finest app for learning Japanese vocabulary is without a doubt Drops. Through a range of various tasks, the app teaches you new words and phrases, aiding in your long-term memory.
Additionally, it includes vocabulary lists for every subject you need to know to have a conversation in Japanese, such as cuisine, greetings, and introductions. Even more specific lists, such as those for sports, home items, and emergencies, are available for study.

7. Mondly

Making a lesson into a video game can encourage people to study more. At least, that is the premise upon which our next best app to learn Japanese Mondly uses. You advance on the map of the app by completing more classes. The classes combine spoken Japanese and kanji to give you a comprehensive education in a short amount of time. The app is available for both Android and Apple devices. You can learn a lot with the free version. But you can also pay for a premium subscription to get more features like unique courses, modules, and chats.

8. Memrise

Memrise employs a more visual method of teaching the language. This app makes learning Japanese entertaining with its amusing animations and video game-like interface. Memrise is essentially a vocabulary-learning software with a wide range of lists to choose from.

The program works to improve your memory of a word or phrase through repetition. Which is then strengthened through repeated reminders of previously learned terms. Certain words are simpler to recall because of user-contributed visuals. And text mnemonic devices, and you can choose exactly how much to study each day. Memrise is accessible for Apple and Android users and includes two modes: Beginner and Advanced. Speed reviews, video data, and features are in the Pro edition.

9. Obenkyo

Writing and reading Japanese characters are the main topics of this app. A great Japanese dictionary to keep on hand is one that explains the meaning of words written in romaji, kanji, or hiragana. To help with your study, you may also create your own quizzes and flashcards. Microsoft and Android devices can use Obenkyo. This software is best suited for intermediate or advanced users as it primarily focuses on stroke order and written Japanese.

10. Bravolol Japanese

This Bravolol software is designed for language learners at all levels and is accessible on iOS and Android smartphones. With this app, you can decide what to learn whenever you want. The “snail” mode of this app is what really makes it stand out from other apps to learn Japanese. You can slow down the audio by clicking the tiny snail next to it if you’re having problems following the pronunciation of Japanese words. The free version is supported by invasive advertisements. There are no ads in the VIP edition.

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