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The Best Sleep-Tracking Apple Watch Apps

Sleep-Tracking Apple Watch Apps
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Using Apple Watch to track your sleep is a terrific method to learn more about your sleeping patterns and trends over time. What will help you better is the best sleep-tracking Apple Watch apps. In reality, Apple initially introduced the native sleep-tracking capability to the Apple Watch with the release of the watchOS 7 a few years back.

This gave room for some third-party apps to develop sleep-tracking apps that work well with the Apple Watch. The results from these sleep-tracking Apple Watch apps are not 100% accurate but can be reliable.

Some of the apps track more than your sleeping rates. They also track your heart rate and so on. Let us find out more about these best sleep-tracking Apple watch apps below.

The Best Sleep Tracking Apple Watch Apps To Try In 2023

1. Sleep

The most practical sleep-tracking app on our list of the best sleep-tracking Apple Watch apps is Apple’s Sleep app. Since the app is native; if your Apple Watch is running watchOS 7 (or later), the app is there. It works perfectly with the Health app on your iPhone. When it gets close to your usual bedtime, the Sleep app has a unique function that will alert you if your Apple Watch’s battery is below 30%. This will allow you to charge the timepiece before bed. The app can actually provide you with quite basic info which includes how much sleep you get each night and your various heart rates.


2. Sleep++

Another sleep-tracking app for the Apple Watch is Sleep++. The fact that it is free is one of its main benefits. Other interesting capabilities include automatic sleep tracking, which can determine when you fall asleep. And how often during the night you are in a deep sleep. Like other sleep-tracking Apple Watch apps, it also enables you to define sleep objectives and timetables.

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3. Sleep Watch

Sleep Watch is a tracking app that automatically monitors the time, your heart rate, and the different stages of your sleep. It searches for heart rate changes that come with deeper, more peaceful sleep and assign you a score based on how well you slept at night. It’s a strong app for Apple Watch users with even more complex tracking features.

These features include heart rate variability and sleep dip. Most of the features you get when you go premium. You’ll also get daily briefings and sleep patterns over time. The ability to monitor your blood oxygen readings while sleeping. But only those with Apple Watch 6 series and above can enjoy this.

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4. Pillow

Another well-liked app with many common features, such as automated sleep tracking and detailed sleep analysis charts, is Pillow. It contains a “smart alarm clock” that wakes you up at the perfect time during your sleep cycle to give you the most morning energy. The app can also capture audio such as snores and sporadic outbursts during the night. Also, play it back for you, but you’ll have to really want that feature if you don’t mind paying a membership price.

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5. AutoSleep

AutoSleep was the most used Apple watch app before others start to come into the game. With rings and everything, it functions and looks pretty much like the Fitness app. It keeps track of your sleep duration, quality, and “readiness,” which measures how well your sleep got you ready for the day ahead. Additionally, it works well with Apple Health.

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6. Sleep Cycle

Sleep Cycle offers a distinct perspective on a sleep-tracking app by emphasizing waking up rather than actual sleep duration. It seeks to bring to the Apple Watch the smart alarm feature seen on many fitness trackers. Which wakes you up at a lighter time in your sleep cycle and makes for a much kinder start.

Instead of a single alarm, you can choose an alarm range. Sleep Cycle will gently buzz when it detects that you are ready. Additionally, you have the option of using the wrist snooze or an intelligent snooze feature to extend your time in bed.

Sleep Cycle is definitely worth a try if you have trouble falling asleep more often than staying asleep. Additionally, you have access to sleep analysis and tracking, which monitors the quantity and quality of your slumber. The graphs are very well-designed. To get more of the app you will have to go premium.

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7. HeartWatch

HeartWatch app examines your heart rate data and sends alarms if it detects any odd or perhaps alarming activities. It monitors your sleep while superimposing the HR data on top so you can compare your heartbeats while awake and asleep. However, if you’re particularly interested in the connection between your heart rate and sleep, this is a terrific little tool. The iPhone app could use to be a little less cluttered. Its accuracy is decent according to most users.

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8. Sleep Pulse 3

Another sleep-tracking app we have for you is Sleep Pulse 3. Sleep Pulse 3 is completely functional and handles the majority of the job on its own. When you wake up unexpectedly in the middle of the night, you can check the sleep view, which tracks your heart rate and mobility. This will display your resting heart rate and the duration of your sleep. Additionally, it is possible to monitor naps and capture sleep conversations.

The best part is that all of the sleep analysis is on the Watch rather than on your phone. Additionally, it now operates better with the most recent Apple Watch models. Which makes it better adapted for those larger screens and compatible with Apple’s Infograph and Infograph Modular watch faces. Allowing you to view recent sleep statistics from your watch face. In general, this app is one of the best sleep-tracking Apple Watch apps.

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9. NapBot

NapBot app uses artificial intelligence to help you better understand your rest. While recording the amount of time you spend sleeping. You may view the light and deep sleep phases, as well as your heart rate while you sleep, in the non-pro version. You can even look at the noise in your sleeping area to help better understand how it can be affecting the quality of your sleep.

While the most recent version of the app now includes the ability to examine sleep in calendar form. And alter sleep objectives without reaching for your iPhone, going Pro will allow you to see fuller sleep history and patterns. You can use it as you’re nodding off for a mid-afternoon power nap before returning to work. Lastly, the new version also includes breathing quality tracking, which may reveal symptoms of sleep apnea.

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