The Best AI Battery Flagship You Can Get For Less Than N25,000


What matters more? How a phone performs or the price you have to bargain to purchase it? Yes, “how it performs” might be the obvious answer but price, sometimes, is a major factor that helps you decide on the right smartphone choice.

But… what if you can get both quality and affordability?

There is a growing need for devices that can bring the flagship experience at a much more affordable price, and that is the need itel Mobile has been fulfilling. By creating the most affordable smartphone for everyone, the Chinese mobile phone maker is back again with her new game-changing battery smartphone, itel P33.

The latest iteration to itel’s Max-power series, the P33, is an all-encompassing smartphone that caters to the requirements of a busy entrepreneur, student, or businessman. In short, the itel P33 is the perfect device for those who are always on the move.

With a whopping 4000mAh battery combined with top-notch artificial intelligence (AI) for battery optimization and ultra battery endurance, the itel P33 can last long for 80 hours on one single charge. This roughly translates to 45 hours of talk time and 39 days standby. This is a good show of endurance compared to the device’s competitors.

As a battery performer, the P33 is very hard to beat. Its AI power master combines two power-saving modes; a smart power-saving mode that limits background app activity and turns off sounds and syncs. The second – an ultra power-saving mode that goes one step further and restricts access to certain power-hungry applications.

In addition to exceptional battery performance, it is an amazingly svelt and slim package of 5.5″ HD+ IPS FullScreen that enhances viewing experience with dual rear cameras for clear artistic shots, a newly customized clean and simple user interface 3.0 that runs on Android 8.1 (Go edition), and backed by a large storage configuration of 16GB ROM compared to the 8GB ROM on its predecessor, the P32.

Make no mistake: these brilliant and solid specs, all come at an affordable price of 24,000 naira and is highly recommended for anyone that is looking for a phone that delivers exceptional value for the money spent.

Visit any authorized retail or online store closer to you to purchase the new power hero, itel P33