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Tecno Camon 18 Premier Review – Everything Perfect?

tecno camon 18 premier review
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Improving from one point to another point is one of the best facts about life that we all love. TECNO has been coming with the CAMON series for years back and now we are down with the CAMON 18 series that comprises CAMON 18, CAMON 18P, and CAMON 18 Premier. TECNO has given us the chance to review one of the new series. So, this is my TECNO CAMON 18 Premier Review.

Do you want to know everything about this new smartphone? …The good parts and the downsides of this new device? You need to read through this CAMON 18 Premier review as I bring to you everything you need to know about the best CAMON smartphone yet in terms of camera, performance, design, and more.

Only in 2021, TECNO has released CAMON 17 series and now we have seen the CAMON 18 series. We thought the next CAMON phone will come in by next year but here we are with the CAMON 18 series.

The improvements made on the CAMON 18 series are noticeable in terms of design and camera and performance. All of this will be talked about in this CAMON 18 Premier so let’s get to it one after the other.

Tecno Camon 18 Premier Design

Holding this device feels exactly the way Tecno wants you to feel – Holding a Premium Smartphone.

camon 18 premier review design
Tecno Camon 18 Design

The design of the CAMON 18 Premier shows this is a well-crafted smartphone from TECNO. Trust me this is the best yet on the CAMON series.

On the back of the device, it has a nice texture feel which is made from glass by AGC and this device is resistant to sharp scratches. It is also resistant to fingerprints or dirt marks, thanks to the glass material at the back of the device. On the Side, there is a plastic frame and on the front, there is strong glass for the display which is also scratch-resistant.

fingerprint on the power button

Looking at the device from the sides, you will see the volume keys as well as the power buttons which also serve as the fingerprint sensor. This is one of my top features of this device because it makes it super easy to unlock the device and it swiftly unlocks the device. Having the fingerprint sensor under the display just like the Infinix Zero X Pro or TECNO Phantom X is fast as well but not as comfy and fast as having it on the power button (Just a few milliseconds difference).

The CAMON 18 Premier comes in two colors – Vast Skye and Polar Night. Both colors are attractive. They give a premium look as it stands and the TECNO label is well inscribed on the back. The cameras are aligned vertically and placed on a rectangle like a spot on the top-left of the device and this makes the device wiggle when placed on the table which can be avoided by using the TPU case.

I’ll rate my overall feel of this device in terms of design a 95%, owing to the 8.5mm thickness and nice color designs and prints.

Display on Camon 18 Premier

A 6.7-inch display, with 1080 resolution and a 120Hz refresh rate is nothing but awesome, and this is what we have on the CAMON 18 Premier. Using the device under direct sunlight is unarguably perfect as the device can go as high as 550nit (Peak Level).

tecno camon 18 premier review display
Camon 18 Premier Goes Very Bright Under Sunlight

While coming up with the TECNO CAMON 18 Premier review I felt a 6.7-inch display with 1080 resolution is not new to anyone, but adding a 120Hz Refresh Rate is a very distinct feature that adds a more fluid experience to the viewing when operating the phone and playing games.

There are very thin bezels on the CAMON 18 Premier and a very thin chin as well with all edges of the display curved.

The display is superb and it is worth the money you are paying- NO Cap!!

When comparing the CAMON 18 Premier alongside the TECNO Phantom X – they both have a 6.7-inch display. But Phantom X has a curved display while CAMON 18 sticks with the traditional flat surface display.

Tecno Camon 18 Premier Camera

camon 18 premier review
The center camera is a Gimbal Lens that rotates for stabilization

Let me set it out straight, the camera on the CAMON 18 premier is the selling point and it is another well-improved part of the device. Do not forget that the CAMON series always focuses on the camera and delivering impressive photography.

CAMON 18 Premier is the king of all the CAMON series in this aspect and this is a perfect, truly “premier” smartphone. In addition to its unique features, the gimbal lens on the device used for great steady videos as shown on the advertisement video does exactly as advertised.

On the rear, there is a Triple camera setup – A 64MP Main camera with a 12MP ultra-wide camera that serves as a gimbal lens and an 8MP telephoto lens that is capable of shooting 60X zoomed pictures.

Looking at it, the gimbal lens on the CAMON 18 Premier will be saving you the need of purchasing a gimbal to shoot steady videos. The IOS feature on the device records awesome steady videos up to 4K resolution and this is a top-notch feature. You can record videos even when on the run and the video output will not be shaky or distorted.

Thanks to the Gimbal Sensor on the Camon 18 Premier

Check out this short clip I recorded with CAMON 18 Premiere Gimbal stabilized camera.

Watching the video, you will realize that even while shooting on the road and walking fast the video output is not shaky or distorted. TECNO has made great improvements in this area.

Note on that, recording portrait videos with the device is very close to perfection as it handles the object and the background perfectly. Taking night shots on CAMON 18 Premier is close to perfection as well.

The quality of images using the Ultra-wide is however not so crisp, especially when you don’t stay still when taking the shots. The best way to get optimal results while using the wide-angle shot on the 12MP ultra lens is to stay still before taking the shot. I do hope the brand has a software update to correct this.

The Telephoto lens on the other hand gives a good result but, when you zoom to the highest range a blurry image is the result. This however is to be expected as the Telephoto lens cannot be as good as the Main Camera but maybe a little more tweaking would have helped to some extent.

camon 18 premier 32mp camera

On the front of the device, you will be getting a 32MP camera which is very good for taking selfies, as well as group selfies. The camera handles light well to enhance images and adapts to different lighting. The portrait feature of the front camera also works well with the pictures taken.

With my usage of this device before I came up with the full review, I only kept feeling amazed about the device in terms of design and camera, as it gives a premium experience when shooting images and videos in different modes.

Before we move to the next part which is the performance of the CAMON 18 Premier, check out some of the pictures I took with CAMON 18 Premier.

Before we move to the next part which is the performance of the Camon 18 Premier, check out some of the pictures I took with Camon 18 Premier.

The next images are images from the telephoto lens on the CAMON 18 Premier Smartphone:


Night Shot on the Camon 18 Premier

Camon 18 Premier Performance

Some weeks ago, we published a leak about the Camon 18 premier to be the first device to use the latest MediaTek Helio G96 CPU and runs on Android 11 and HIOS 8. This finally turned out to be true and this is the killer spec on the Camon 18 Premier.

Camon 18 Premier is AMAZINGLY VERY FAST!!!

The speed on this device is next to none thanks to the MediaTek Helio G96 chipset which gives a good boost in terms of speed and handling tasks diligently. The Octa-Core CPU on the Helio G96 is super impressive when it comes to speeds and efficiency.

camon 18 premier

With enough memory backed with a good CPU then you can expect top-notch performance on any smartphone and Camon 18 Premier doesn’t lack on this aspect as well. There is 8GB RAM for apps and a massive 256GB internal storage for your files.

In case you need more space on your device and the 256GB seems not to be enough for heavy users like myself, Tecno gave the option to add SD-Card to support the storage and expand the storage on the device.

Gaming On Camon 18 premier is fluid and during my time on this device, the device doesn’t hang or lags and it doesn’t get hot that fast. Games that require high graphics like COD and PUBG play very well on this device and there are no lags just that the CPU doesn’t seem to handle the graphics very well enough on COD.  If you don’t take care you might be killed already before you note LOL… Just joking, gaming is decent and excellent.

One of the things that have changed on Tecno’s HIOS – which is the skin (User Interface) is the way there are different swiping down parts with different functions.

Camon 18 Premier Runs On Tecno HIOS8

Swiping down from the top left gives you the notification while swiping down from the top right gives you access to quick settings. This is somehow funny and on the other hand, it is actually nice just that it might take a while to get used to it.

Be rest assured the Camon 18 Premier will be receiving an upgrade to Android 12 OS in due time and this is another step forward. I love this, Tecno killing it nicely.

Batter Aspect on Camon 18 Premier

A smartphone is as useless as anything even if it packs the world’s best specs and has poor battery life. Because the battery department on any smartphone takes a huge responsibility for how long the phone performs.

The Camon 18 Premier comes with a 4750mAh battery. You don’t have to worry about the battery on this device. It charges fast, thanks to the 33W fast charging brick for the canon 18 premier and it charges through the USB Type C port.

While coming up with this 18 Premier this Camon review, I tested the charging speed with a stopwatch to be sure, and certainly, in 30mins the device gets up close to 64% BUT IN MY CASE IT WAS 62%.

You might feel like, Camon 17 Pro has a 5000mAh battery and that might be better than this 4750, well on paper it might sound so but in actual life, there is no difference, and do not forget Camon 18 has a good charging speed.

With the 4570mAh battery and a fast processor that uses less power. You can use your Camon 18 Premier for as long as you want and you can charge the device back in no long time.

A smartphone with an impressive display with a nice performance rating and a dependable battery life with awesome improvement is in terms of photography/videography is all that I found while coming up with my Camon 18 Premier Review. This smartphone is worth the price of N182,000  which is about $365 US dollars.

My Cons On the Camon 18 Premier

  • The Speakers are Not Impressive as they sound loud but lacks bass
  • No Second speakers as well, so you can easily block the speakers when playing games.
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