Samsung S10 Plus & iPhone Xs Mas – The Full Comparison

Samsung S10 Plus & iPhone Xs mas

The Samsung Galaxy S10 plus is finally here and this is a comparison between Samsung S10 Plus & iPhone Xs mas.

After the move from the Galaxy S5 to the old metal and glass Galaxy S6 in 2015 and now the S10+ is actually out. If you’ve been holding off getting a new smartphone for a while now here’s how it compares to the iPhone Xs max.

When it comes to design, display, performance, camera, special features, software, battery, storage, and price. Yeah, everything you need to know, here’s everything you know in terms of S10+ Vs iPhone Xs max.

Design of Samsung S10 PLUS & iPhone Xs Mas

In terms of the design on Samsung S10 Plus & iPhone Xs mas, we just gat some small changes such as the slightly thinner top and bottom bezels and mats instead of a glossy frame.

The S10 is actually a completely brand new design and also unlike the S9 which came in two models the S9 and S9 Plus, the S10 comes in three models the S10E, the S10, and S10+ and there’s also a fourth special model the S10+ would 5G.

From the front S10 and the S10+ look almost identical, the top and bottom bezels have now been removed almost entirely, with a very thin border. You know aside from the very thin chain on the bottom, we only get a front-facing camera hole and that’s a huge design change and improvement from even the iPhone X and the iPhone Xs Max which still feature the exact same notch as the one we had in the original iPhone 10 from 2017.

The S10+ does get a dual front-facing camera module but S10 does all represents the future of smartphone design, I really hope that Apple would updates the iPhone design in 2019 because they definitely need to do that to keep up with Samsung.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 does look better than the iPhones but the iPhone 10s actually come with a stainless steel frame which does look more premium and feel more premium than the polished aluminum frame that we get with the S10.

But, in terms of the thickness the iPhone 10s, max is 7.7 mm but the S10+ is 7.8mm thick, pretty much almost the same. Now the iPhone 10s max because of that stainless steel frame it weighs in at 208g versus 175g on the S10+ so it’s quite significantly lighter than the iPhone Xs Max and there’s also a ceramic model of the S10+ and weighs in at 198g, that’s a bit heavier but still lighter than the Xs Max.

For colors we got silver, space grey and gold on the iPhone 10s Max and Prizm White, prism black, prism green and also some ceramic models in black and white on the S10+ and also those colors they actually have hues so they have a gradient that changes its color based on the lights, like I said before design wise I would go with the S10+ any time of the day actually even the smaller S10 do look better which is that single camera hole moving onto the actual display.


Let’s see which one has a better between the Samsung S10 Plus & iPhone Xs panel so on the iPhone 10s max we have an OLED display which was manufactured by Samsung but according to Apple specifications this display also supports HDR and peak brightness is about 625 nits.

Now, on the S10 plus we have an AMOLED with OLED display that supports HDR, even HDR+ and HDR 10+ and as well as Gorilla Glass 6. Interesting enough the proximity sensor and the ambulance sensors are actually embedded into the display panel and it comes to the actual brightness of about 825 nits, the S10+ does have a brighter display than the iPhone does nits.

You know it’s easier to read outdoors now when it comes to the size on the iPhone 10s max which has a 6.5-inch display while on the S10+ we have a 6.4-inch display. I said before there’s the S10+ with a 5G, that’s a separate model and that one comes with a 6.7-inch display so that’s quite a display.

For actual resolution, the iPhone 10s max we have 1242 x 2688 pixels, 19.5:9 screen ratio and a PPI or Pixel density of 458 & on the S10+ we have 1440 x 3040 pixels, 19:9 ratio 522 PPI density so higher PPI means that this is better for VR, If you care about mobile VR then definitely at the Samsung Galaxy S10.

Performance of Samsung S10 PLUS Vs iPhone Xs Mas

First thing, the CPU on the iPhone Xs max we have an Apple A12 processor it’s based on some dynamic process. The S10+ we have the Exynos 9824 international models of S10+ this is based on an 8mm inner process and this design also manufactured by Samsung.

Then we can also get the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 if you get the U.S or Canadian models of the S10 this is based on a 7mm process this is designed by a manufacturer, not by Samsung.

When it comes to the actual benchmarks we have the Gig bench for scores of all of these. the iPhone Xs max has always, you know the champion of performance but a Samsung Galaxy S10+ is actually really close.

The Xs max score is 4797 Points for the single performance and 11212 for the multi-core while S10+ the Exynos 9824 model down scores 4472 points where the single core are really close and then 10387 for the multi-core performance again really close to what Apple offers.

When it comes to the Snapdragon 855 models of S10+ scores 3545 points for the single core performance, that’s a significant drop for from the Exynos and then 11150 for the multi-core which is actually a bit higher and almost the same as the Apple A12.

You will get significantly better performance actually if you get the Snapdragon 855 model. The Exynos 9824 is designed and manufactured by Samsung, the battery life should also be better like it’s been in the past.

When it comes to the RAM, the iPhone Xs max comes in with Four gigabytes of RAM and storage capacity of 64, 256 and 512GB now Ram doesn’t really matter that much on iOS because everything is really well optimized, the S10+, however, comes with 8 GB  RAM.

Also, there is a variant of 12 GB RAM, how crazy is that? Three times as much as what Apple offers but again iOS is really well optimized. You don’t really need twelve gigabytes on iOS not even on Android. 6 gigabytes on Android is really good actually 12 gigabyte is a lot way more than you’ll ever need.

The camera on Samsung S10 Plus & iPhone Xs Mas

Everyone wants an amazing camera under a smartphone, so lets talk about the camera module on the Samsung S10 Plus & iPhone Xs mas. The iPhone Xs max has a single camera on the front that 7-megapixel and you can record 1080p video up to 60 frames per second.

You can also do portrait mode with a front-facing camera thanks to the 3D depth sensing array of sensors. The S10+ comes with a dual camera module in the front we actually have a regular camera and then an RGB def camera and the main one is 10-megapixels in resolution f/1.9 aperture and then the secondary camera is 8-megapixels f/2.2.

however, from what I’ve seen there’s no wide-angle lens so you know, you cannot really take extremely wide angle shots like you can on something like the Google pixel 3 XL.

Portrait mode is also possible on S10+ by the fact that we have two camera modules and then it can view 4k video actually with the front-facing camera. This is one of the first smartphones to be able to record in 4k with the front-facing camera which is awesome again 4k and 1080p @ 60FPS.

The iPhone Xs Mas when it comes to the main camera on the iPhone Xs aspects we have not one but two modules so the first one is the main module this is a 12-megapixel camera at f/1.8 aperture and the second camera is also 12 megapixels camera f/2.4 aperture.

Now to the S10+ we actually have three camera modules so the first one is a 12-megapixel sensor so it’s actually a variable aperture, the second camera is the zoom module which is 12 megapixels f/2.4 and then the third camera is a new wide-angle module which is 16 megapixels f/2.2 but unfortunately there’s no optical image stabilization or autofocus on the 3rd wide-angle module and then there’s also a fourth module if you count the Samsung galaxy S10+ 5G model and this one comes with a 4 module that’s a depth sensing sensor.

When it comes to video, the iPhone Xs max can do record @60fps which is really impressive but the same thing on S10+, actually the S10 Plus can also do HDR 10+ recording. This is the world’s first smartphone capable of recording an HDR 10+.

Special Features on Samsung S10 Plus and iPhone Xs Mas

Every single special feature that makes both Samsung S10 Plus & iPhone Xs mas unique. I won’t be mentioning the features that they have in common like water resistance or rather charging or any of those just the things are unique to each phone.

• So on S10+ we have an ultrasonic and display fingerprint reader it’s way more advanced than something like the one we have in the One plus 60.

• We also have a heart rate monitor which a lot of people know about and an oxygen level meter on the back which not even a lot of smartwatches do have.

• The S10 does have 1TB model of the S10 Plus well it still supports a micro SD card slot so you can actually expand that to up to 1.5 terabytes of storage.

• You also get support for 5G on the S10 Plus with that separate S10 Plus model with also Wi-Fi 6 or Wi-Fi AX standard that’s supported.

• The S10 Plus, something really cool is reverse Powershare charging then we have the triple lens camera.

• The always-on display which you still don’t have on the iPhone Xs or any iPhones which have Gorilla Glass 6.

• We have the Samsung DeX which is awesome so essentially just connect this thing with a USB Type-C dock, you connect it to a monitor through HDMI and you can use this thing as a desktop you can attach a keyboard, a mouse wirelessly and it works really well.

• if you care about VR not only does the S10+ have a higher PPI but you also have the best mobile VR headsets, the Samsung gear VR so you can buy this separately but it’s awesome.


The Samsung S10 Plus & iPhone Xs mas are great smartphones. But, the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is pretty much the full package, it’s got everything you need in a smartphone aside from the s-pen which would be included in the Next Galaxy Note 10.

But you know if you don’t care about the s-pen it is by far the best portable device that you can buy that you can get, it is awesome. Looking at the S10 Vs iPhone Xs Max, Galaxy S10+ has shown it has defeated the iPhone in term of Design, display Samsung has produced a masterpiece.