Lumos Electricity : Save Yourself & Stay on 24 Hours Electricity

Lumos electricity

One of the problems we faced in Nigeria despite being called the giant of Africa is the inability to have stable electricity! Having a 24 hour stable light over our head as been a big issue over the years and this issue is what Lumos is solving with it Lumos Electricity.

Ever since I have been a kid since the past 20 years that I have been living in Nigeria I have not been able to live a day with electricity in the duration of 24 hours. The most annoying part is when the rain starts to fall.

It happens to be on the norms for Power Holding Company Of Nigeria or we as we call them NEPA to always take the light anytime it seems rain would fall or if it should start raining.

The funniest part is if rain should for fall they may take the electricity away for more than two(2) days which I personally don’t know the reason but things like such happens.

With Lumos Electricity you never stay in darkness again or have to live without electricity in your daily lives. They came to solve that for us so even with rain falling you can still get light in your rooms.

About Lumos

Lumos came in to help us replace the hazardous and expensive generators we have at home. The smoke that comes from our generator also have some side effects on our health and even causes some side effects on our atmospheric nature.

They are proposing and bringing in new modern electricity which can power home appliances such as lights, smartphones, fans, computers, TVs and other compatible small electronic devices by giving better living.

Lumos came in to offer a clean and affordable solar power to a market of 1.3 billion potential customers who live off the electricity grid. By offering solar power as a service. offers homes and small businesses a simple and affordable way to pay for electricity in small installments using their mobile phones.

How Lumos Electricity Has Helped Me

I am a student at the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology Ogbomosho, Oyo State. The school is popularly known or called as LAUTECH. This is one best state school in Nigeria and well appreciated.

One of the problems I faced as a student at Lautech or let say faced for staying in Ogbomosho, Oyo state is the lack of good electricity. It was so bad that even for like a week or two it was a total blackout. what a piece of sad news.

Electricity is one of the major things that we student really needs to carry on with effective schooling and gaining knowledge because what we use Laptops, smartphone and even light for effective reading.

But how will this work out without having a stable electricity supply? We all use a generator and the whole build is always full of noise and fumes from the exhaust of the generators causing different havocs to health and the environment.

When I heard about Lumos electricity, I went to the nearest MTN office to do some inquiries about the system and fortunately I was able to get what I wanted and that was how I got the Lumos Electricity system.

My days of sleeping in the dark, having a dead smartphone,  reading with lamps, having to carry my laptop to the other room to charge because they have fuel in their generator, and even using generator came to an end.

With the Lumos Electricity, now my phone never goes off, I stay in my room with 24/7 electricity over my head and get to live the lifestyle I have always want to live by having a light that never goes off.

How Lumos Electricity Works

You have seen how Lumos electricity has helped me as a student in an area with poor electricity. Now let us see how the Lumos electricity works and know the pro and cons of the system.

The first thing you should know that when Lumos came to Nigeria they partnered with MTN to have controls over the system – which means you don’t totally own the system and which means you can’t do anything like hacking the system.

Upon the purchase of the Lumos Electricity, You will be given a 60W solar panel, The Lumos Box and the connecting cables and you might also get some light bulbs which I got on my purchase. Most importantly a DC to AC converter.

The DC to AC is a small accessory that you will have to plug into the Lumos box for you to use appliances up to 220V (extension box, laptops, and even electric fans) can be plugged to the converter.

You should also know that the converted works only with home appliances, not big machines and I wouldn’t suggest that you plug-in electric iron into the converter because electric irons use an element which consumes a lot of electric power.

Aside from that, you can plug in the converter to the Lumos box, on the other side there is also a USB Port where you can plug in your phone via USB or other stuff to charge and there is also four-ports you can plug in the light bulbs.

How The Lumos Box Get Charged

With the 60W solar panel installed outside in the best location to direct sunlight (maybe on the roof of your building). The panel charges the Lumos Box as soon as there is any ray of light or sunlight flashing on the Panel until till 100% charge.

lumos electricity

When the Lumos box is charged to 100% and you are using your appliances on the box. The Lumos box still stays charged, your connected appliances take power directly from the solar panel.

How To Subscribe to Lumos Electricity

Like I said earlier that Lumos is in connection with MTN Nigeria which means it is only through MTN service provider than you can use the Lumos electricity and only through MTN you get help on the Lumos Box.

To power on the Lumos box, you will have to pay some amount of money either monthly or daily or yearly and this will have to be done for 5 years and which after you will be able to use the Lumos box without any payment.

Lumos electricity

That is the price you will have to pay to power on the Lumos box and give you the 24 Hour light in your homes and your devices would never go off. Some people feel somehow about the price but when I personally compare it to what I use in buying fuel it almost the same.

Not to talk of the noise and stress generators can give most times and another reason I feel comfortable about it is that I use just basic home appliances, So it covers all of my electricity needs.

My Impressions About The Lumos Electricity

To me, Lumos electricity has been a very good system for me because I live in an area with no good electricity and the Lumos has been a savior to me and gives me light 24 hours every day without issues.

When the Lumos box had fault especially when the battery starts to drain fast than the usual. I called 180 – MTN Customer care Service and an agent was sent to me to replace the box.

Which means that any fault developed by the system means there will be a free repair on the that any time and any day within the five years of the time you have paid for the Lumos electricity.

The Lumos Electricity system is really worth it and using won’t give you any regrets, no noise no pollution no stress and it is always reliable. It is really a great one.

I just always keep expecting that Lumos would have upgraded the Lumox Box (MTN Yello Box) to now support higher electric consuming appliances like Blender and the likes and even have a newer design. Maybe they are working on that already.

Lumos electricity can really save you from a whole lot of stress and give you 24 hours every day as soon as you make the necessary payment via your MTN sim. With Lumos Electricity You will never go a day staying in darkness.