iPhone SE 2020 Review – Reasons Why You Should Buy

iphone se 2020 review

Apple made major moves when they announced the iPhone SE 2020. The price point was the major factor that generated a lot of buzzes. Right now even the flagship killer smartphone brands don’t sell their devices for less than $500.

For example, One Plus just announced the One Plus 8 Pro and it sells for up to a thousand dollars. A lot of features combine to make the iPhone SE 2 great. And that’s what we will explore in this post today. this will be an iPhone SE 2020 review like the first glimpse of why you should buy the device

Smartphone pricing has never been so important and the iPhone has won the war of pricing this time around. So below are the reason why you should buy the iPhone SE.

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iPhone SE Review: Why You Should Buy

1. Pricing

The iPhone SE 2020 Price has to be the number one reason to buy a brand new iPhone for as low as $399 is more like a dream come true. I see a lot of first time iPhone users in the coming weeks. Don’t be surprised if you see me with an iPhone SE I’m among the set of people that will want to test the device. This has been an intelligent move for Apple to sell the device with nice features for such a price.

2. Performance

As we know the A13 bionic chipset is the fastest in the world for iPhones and it is the chipset that is the one utilized by iPhone to power the new iPhone SE. In this aspect, you should expect similar performance with the iPhone 11 which is interesting. I expect the phone to come with at least 2-Gigabyte or 3-Gigabytes Ram I know it won’t have the same Ram size as the 11 Pro Max. The IOS has efficient Ram management and sometimes the actual number of Ram size does not matter.

3. Camera

So, you think I won’t add camera features to the reason why you should buy the iPhone SE 2020 because it has a single camera module. Most users only utilize one camera on 11 Pro Max that has a triple camera module at the back. More than half of the users of the iPhone 11 Pro Max take more portrait photos.

The device comes with a single 12MP camera lens but the lens is an upgraded one just like we see on the iPhone 11. It records 4k videos and shoots stunning portrait mode photos. All I want is would say is that the camera would be very awesome.

Apple always makes a statement when it comes to camera performance and the iPhone SE 2020 will not fall short of that.

4.Water Resistance

The iPhone SE 2020 has ip67 water resistance and at the price point, we barely have other options. This feature is an important one and it is one of the reasons a lot of people will go for the iPhone SE 2020.

5. Wireless Charging

Wireless charging on the iPhone SE 2020 will be a game-changer not just to iPhone but a lot of other brands will introduce this feature to the budget and mid-range devices in the future this is the only way to stay relevant in the market that Apple just shattered.

6. Software Updates

Finally, we know that the iPhone SE will receive Steady IOS updates for the next 5 years. This is why iPhones tend to be relevant and valuable to users. And it should be a good reason to buy the new iPhone SE.

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Downside Of the iPhone SE 2020

apple iphone se 2020

Although there are a lot of positives there are also some things that I felt Apple should have done better. For example, the form factor is an old one.

And I feel Apple should have brought out something new or do away with a certain percentage of the chin of the device and make the display at least a 5 -inch display.

On the downside the battery is also another discouraging feature 1821mAh is too small in 2020 even though the IOS maximizes battery efficiently having more screen on time will be applauding.

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General thoughts

The iPhone SE 2020 is a flagship device or we can now say that the iPhone has a flagship killer device. Whichever way you term it I’m excited about the future of Smartphones and where ever we go from now things have changed in the smartphone industry. When the iPhone SE 2020 hits the market I’m hoping to share my proper review for the device be on the lookout for that.

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