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How To Share Data On MTN: Easy Way To Transfer MB on MTN Line

how to share data on mtn
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MTN is the largest network provider with a very large pool of customers today we are going to show you how to share data on MTN to MTN Line. This is a guide because transferring data MB on the MTN network is free and easy to do. With the MTN data share, you can even request data from your fellow MTN user.

If you have a megabyte on your MTN line and you think you cannot finish it, you can share it with family and friends. This is a welcome development because sometimes we have a lot of data and don’t know what to do with it.

With MTN data gifting you can buy, share and even transfer data to your family and friends. You can also use the service to buy data for your friends on their phones and modem. See how to check your MTN number.

Three methods can be used to share data with MTN and it is through the myMTN app, SMS, or Using USSD. We are going to explain all the methods you can use if you want to share your data with loved ones. It won’t take you more than five minutes to complete your transfer. Every customer using MTN can use the MTN data sharing services.

The Steps You Need On How To Share Data On MTN Line 2022

This is how you can share/transfer data on your MTN line from your existing data (megabyte) balance to another MTN line:

  • All you need to do is to dial *131*receivers phone number*data amount#. E.g. *131*08163440021*500#
  • OR dial *131*7# or dial *131# and select option 6
  • Select option 1 and click on send to continue
  • Choose 1, 2, or 3, depending on the MB size you’d like to share with the person.
  • Click on send to complete the data megabyte sharing your MTN Network.

The first step is an automatic process so you should crosscheck the amount of data you are sending and the number you are sending to before pressing ok.

To use SMS to transfer megabytes on MTN line follow this

  • Send an SMS in this format with your MTN line: Transfer Phone number data amount and send to 131.  For example, transfer 08035952882 250 to 131

You should be sure of the phone number before you press send because once you send you can’t get your data back. If you make a mistake with the phone number another user will just get free data – Lol. There is no code required before you carry out this transaction.

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How to Buy MTN Data for a Friend

Buying MTN data for a friend is very easy and this comes in if you don’t have sufficient data to share with family and friends.

You can choose to buy any MTN data plan for your friend and it will be charged from your airtime balance. To buy/gift data for a friend on MTN line you need to:

  • Dial *131* bundle activation code*receivers phone number# and send. Very easy as you can see. For a better example *131*106*08035912312# you can use this method to buy data of any amount for your friend.

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These are the steps necessary for sharing data on MTN easily in 2021.

The method varies for both prepaid and postpaid users. If you found this article helpful please leave a comment.

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