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In today’s world, there is a plethora of video content. Since videos give a holistic picture of the subject, most of us resort to watching videos and learn about something. From using videos that show items of clothing to ones that teach us tips to take care of our clothes, we prefer watching a video instead of viewing images or reading textual content.

As a brand, you need to recognize this consumer trend and come up with videos to promote your business offering. In the competitive world of business, merely creating video content will not suffice. Today, thousands of hours of video content are uploaded on platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and IGTV.

You need to walk the extra mile and ensure that your content is eye-catching so that viewers are not tempted to scroll past it. Here are some tips that will allow you to create eye-catchy video content.

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Shoot Footages from Multiple Angles

While filming a video, try to get shots from multiple distances and angles. That way, you can make the moment more interesting during the editing by cutting between shots. If your budget permits, try to use two cameras to record your shots.

You can have one of the cameras on a steady medium and film your shot. You can place the other camera at an angle. That way, it will get you the profile from an angle or can be used to capture close shots of the hand gestures. When you have double the video footage, it gives you the freedom to experiment during the editing phase.

Keep Your Shots Small

The average digital viewer has a short attention span, and if your video has shorts longer than 3 – 5 seconds, they are likely to scroll past it. To avoid such a situation, assemble half-second shots into a 5-second montage slideshow that will take the story forward.

Time-lapse videos are another efficient tool to give your videos a fast-paced look. The secret to good storytelling is identifying the thin line and avoiding overdoing it. If the video progresses too quickly, the audience may be left confused about the storyline.

Make Smooth Transitions

How your video progresses from one scene to another plays an important role in the overall visual appeal. For example, a dramatic transition will cause the viewer to sit up and pay better attention to the video.

We recommend that you use such a transition in your climax or when you need to highlight a point. Similarly, a smooth transition is helpful when you want the audience to reflect on a train of thought.

Create a Powerful Intro

To cater to the dwindling attention span of your average viewer, you need to ensure that the attractiveness of the first 10 to 15 seconds of your video. That way, they will feel tempted to watch further. There are several intro-making tools that you can use to create such content.

Front loading the video to showcase the interesting elements in the initial seconds makes a high-quality intro. Alternatively, you can use appropriate music, font style, and color combination to establish consistency to the intros of all your videos. If you have raised a high benchmark for your past videos, such consistency in the intro will cause the viewer to have high expectations from the video.

Add Motion to Your Videos

The human eyes love movement, and creating motion in your film is a powerful way of simulating the viewer into enjoying your content. If your original shot was static, try to increase the size by 5% to create a sense of motion. The appropriate use of position and scale tools will allow you to create motion and hold your viewers engrossed in the digital content.

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Be Authentic in Your Film

If you want your video to make an impact in a sea of digital information, you need to be authentic in the storytelling. Attempting to build a fake digital image of yourself or the brand that you are trying to project, will create more work for you. Over time, it will be impossible for you to live up to that image. To ensure that your video catches the right attention, you need to project things as they are and keep your video free from false promises or expectations.

Add Interesting Subtitles to Your Videos

If you envision your video to cater to a global audience, you need to ensure that it has the necessary subtitles. The presence of subtitles also makes it easy for the search engines to identify the contents of the video and display it to interested viewers. However, merely having subtitles in the video will not suffice, and you need to make sure that the subtitles are relevant and not a direct transcription of the spoken works.

Understand that the language of the video often uses colloquial terms, and that may come off as grammatically incorrect when one reads them. Moreover, sometimes the video subtitles need to be in a language that is different from that of the audio, and a verbatim translation will decrease the appeal. Invest your efforts in adding appropriate subtitles as you can expect a significant fraction of video viewers to watch the video without the audio.

Avoid Mixing Lights of Different Temperatures

Natural light and artificial lights have direct temperatures. While both have their pros and cons, it is acceptable to shoot in either condition. However, since the two sources have different temperatures, avoid filming in a mixed environment.

Even with the best online video editing tools, it is impossible to color correct the clip when it has lights of different temperatures. Such callousness will cause you to compromise with the overall visual appeal of the video.

Creating an eye-catching video requires detailed planning and an understanding of your audience’s expectations. A video that appears engaging to an audience may not be interesting for a different demographic.

Try to gauge the taste of your audience by studying analytics data from your past videos. That way, you will be equipped to make the most of the tips discussed in this article

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