Gmail Turns 15 – Years of Amazing & Astonishing Service

gmail turns 15

On the 1st Of April, 2004 Google launches its long-awaited web-based email client and decided to call it GoogleMail or the short form Gmail as we all call it right from the very first time.

For all users including me and you, we all can say that Gmail is the email client we’ve all used and to the best nature of it, it keeps getting new updates and get improved from time to time.

Gmail is one, out of the many successful Google products, and it is fifteen years now since the existence of the great service which is used across the whole world. There are other email clients Like Yahoo, outlook and the likes but Gmail is the most successful and widest in use.

The Gmail App is of the most Used app on Android devices. Not to talk about the fact that it gets preinstalled on All Android devices still most users use the app including IOS users too.

Gmail team announced a couple of new and useful Gmail features, including improvements to Smart Compose and the ability to schedule emails to be sent in the future. Let talk about smart compose.

Smart compose is this feature on Gmail app which autocompletes your emails as you continue composing the emails. Also, it let Gmail learn and adapt to how you type especially your greeting messages.

If you the type that feel distressed about what you should put in your email subject, worry not anymore, Smart compose gat you covered.

gmail tunrs 15

Now you can schedule emails on your Gmail before you send them, with that the Gmail Send button now have a dropdown button which gives you the choice to schedule the mail.

That is it guys, let give it all to Gmail for all the good work it has done for us all. Thanks To Google