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Top 5 Currency Conversion Apps For Android Phones

Currency Conversion Apps
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Searching for the best currency conversion apps? Welcome to the right spot. I will be listing the top 5 currency conversion apps for you. These apps help give accurate and current conversion rates. It also helps give accurate exchange rates of Bitcoin and other global currencies. Either you are a constant traveler or make payments or receive money from foreign countries, engaging in exchange rate calculation can be really stressful.

This is where these top 5 currency conversion apps come in. They help make the calculations and give you the exact conversion at that time. If you don’t trade internationally, you can also use these apps to keep yourself updated about the current rate of your local currency to the currencies of other countries. Without wasting much time let’s get to the listing of these top 5 currency conversion apps.

Top 5 Currency Conversion Apps on Android In 2021

1. MyCurrency

This app is one of the greatest currency conversion apps around. The app gives you an instant exchange rate of about 180 countries. You can also get exchange rates of virtual currencies like Bitcoin, Facebook credit, and more. MyCurrency also gives you the exchange rate of old European currencies if you are interested in that. The app has a nice and simple user interface. As a plus, you get currency charts that are constantly updated. This app is totally free on Google Play Store.

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2. Exchange Rate And Currency Converter

Looking for the app that gives the exact currency rates of all currencies of the world? You got your answer in this app. It has the accurate exchange rate of all currencies in the world. You can even check out the current rates of cryptocurrency exchange on this app. It’s quite simple to use and has a nice interface. The app has a commercial feed section that constantly updates its record every 60 seconds. It also has a historical chart of about a decade. The app is not entirely free if you desire advanced features of the app you have to buy for it.

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3. Currency Converter

This help helps those of you who constantly trade on international markets. It gives you the precise currency conversion of all currencies in the world. It also helps convert Fiat currency and cryptos. One good thing about this app for currency conversion is that it gives you the conversation in two decimal places and regularly gives updates, so you get to see the real-life currency fluctuations. If you desire a historical data chart, you can get it on this app. And it’s totally free with no in-app purchase. Quickly run to any of the app stores to get it to install you like it.

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4. Currency Converter Plus Free With AccuRate

Another app on the list of top currency conversion apps is the currency converter plus free app. This app gives you the liberty to set up your own custom space for converting currency. It also comes with an amazing calculator that helps you to calculate the precise rates of foreign currencies as related to your own local currency.

On this app, you can convert multiple currencies at a go. And can also check out historical charts of about a year. If you find yourself in a situation where the internet connection is bad, do not worry this app works well offline. The app gives live rates and supports major currencies of the world which include Bitcoin, gold, silver and many more.

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5. Easy Currency Converter

Finally, I will be mentioning on the currency conversion apps is the Easy Currency Converter app. This app helps you convert currencies of over 200 countries to the local currency of your country. One good thing about this app is that it allows you to share the results of the conversion with others using a third-party app. You can also decide on how many decimal places you want the conversion to be.

This can be done in the app settings. The app has awesome simplicity in that you can choose the theme you want and the language you want the app to display for you. In addition, you can select the favorite currencies you want to be displayed. The app also has a nice and awesome interface and it’s quite simple to use.

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My final say on these apps for currency conversion: Whether you trade international or want to be informed on the current currency exchange rates these top 5 apps can help you out. However, not all of these apps are free. If you want their full functionality you will have to make the in-app purchase.

But if you are comfortable with the free versions you can go ahead and enjoy these apps. If you have any other app you want me to add to this list feel free to let me know in the comment box below.

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