Best Translation Apps For Android Devices/Users

best translation apps for android

Are you searching for the best translation apps for Android? We got you. To know which apps are the best translation apps for android, I will urge you to read to the end. Because of the supercomputer (smartphones/mobile phones) in your hands, you can now easily communicate with people that do not understand your own language.

Gone are the days when you will have to employ an interpreter to interpret what you are trying to communicate or learn the native language of the place you are traveling to. All of the old means of getting your message across to the locals that do not understand yours are stressful and expensive.

However, with your mobile phone, you can get your message across to the person you are trying to communicate to. These translation apps help translate what you say to the native language of who you are communicating. And in turn, translates theirs to the language you understand with no stress at all. These best translation apps are tested and trusted.

They are helpful for those who constantly travel, students studying in a foreign country and those who trade internationally. Each of these best translation apps for android house its own advantage. All you have to do is to read the reviews of each and install the one that best suit you.

Best Translation Apps For Android Phones In 2022

Microsoft Translator

The Microsoft Translator is a free personal translation app and my first translation app for Android. It has a good interface which makes it easy to find your way about the app. It us one of the popular translation apps that you can use. The app supports over 70 languages which include Chinese, French, Arabic, and many more. It helps translate languages by text, camera, voice, screenshots and conversation.

You can also download languages for offline use in case you visit a place with no internet connection. Microsoft translator allows you to share your translation with another app. If you want to learn a new language, you can use it.

Google Translate App

The googel translate app is one of the best translation apps for Android devices in the Google Play store. It features about 100 plus languages online and 50 language offline. The app brings the world closer. It supports handwriting, voice input, instant camera translation and many more. You can copy words from other app and paste on the app and it will waste no time in translating it. Lastly, it can translate full conversion in real time. The app is totally free. There aren’t any hidden charges.

Dictionary LInguee

It is a multilingual dictionary that supports dozens of languages. Popular language like French, Spanish, English, are the top languages. Its features include fast translation after entering the first words, translation search engine that allow you have access to over billion translation from the internet. The app is reliable and totally free. In addition, you do not have to worry when you run out of internet connection. Because the app also work in offline mode.


iTransalte app is best for different dialect. If you are searching for a translation app that gives wider dialect go for the this app. The free version of the iTranslate app help translate over 100 plus languages. You can easily switch to any language you want. You can also listen to translation in a male or female voice.

The premium version comes with additiona features like offline translation mode for over 40 dialects, a pro version lens that works with your phone camera to translate menus, signs and lots more. The app also have a good user interface and its easy to use. However it doesn’t have a live support.


SayHi is a lightweight app with a size of 10.66Mb. Don’t ley its size deceive you. It is one of the best translation apps for android. SayHi app offers exceptional, fast loading time and good performance. And all its features are totally free. On this app you enjoy translations to dozens of language of your choice. However, the app doesn’t work offline, which means no internet no translation.


As is the name implies, textgrabber help to translate on text. This app is best for those who are students or those who just want to translate a text. All you have to do is to point your phone’s camera to the text you want to translate and show the app to translate the text for you to your desired language. And it works well without the internet.

The text grabber app has a live support. Any time you require assistance, the live support are there to help out. The app like most apps on the list of best translation app has an in app purchase. However, you can still stick with the free version if you want


This app offers all the translation features you want. These features include voice translation, text translation, image translation. It also offers a dictionary and works well offline. All of these features are totally free you do not have to pay to access these features on this app. However, the app only supports the translation of 13 languages, which is few compared to other apps on the list of best translation apps.

BK Translation apps for Androids 

Bk translation has different variety of translation apps. Each of the apps works in the same way. It translates between a certain language it supports and English. It supports voice, typing, and handwriting. The apps rock a simple and easy user interface. Languages supported on these apps include Arabic, German, Spanish, French, and many more. The features of the BK translation apps are totally free. However, it contains ads. Ironically, you have to pay to remove these ads.

Translate Box

The translate box is an all-in-one translation app and it is the last app I will mention on the list of best translation apps for Android. It supports photo, voice, and text translation. The app partners with other major translation apps like Google Translate, Microsoft Translate, and Papago to give you the best translation experience. It supports all major languages of the world. Which include English, French, Spanish, and many more. The app has an app purchase too. The downside of this app is the constant popping of ads. To remove it, you will have to pay.

Final Words On The Best Translator Apps For Android

Moving to a country that doesn’t speak your native language should be a problem anymore. With these best translator apps on your Android phone, you should be ok. Which should I install should be your next question? And I think I can still help out with that. Just read through and select any of the translator apps that suits your taste. Let me know what you think about these apps in the comment box below.

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