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Top 5 Best Apps To Keep Fit and Workout 2020 to Stay Healthy

best apps to keep fit and stay health
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Keeping fit is an important thing that all must do. So as to help easy blood flow and aid good health. Because of the lockdown, most can’t to the gym. That why we handpick the best apps to help keep fit.

Mobile phones have revolutionized the world. These best apps to keep fit comes with a nice experience with a gym coach. The apps give instructions on how the user can carry out a healthy routine.

These apps to keep fit are apps that you can use to workout and kip fit during this lockdown. You can use these apps to learn new workout routines that will aid your desired body goals and help you fit as well.

You might need to wan to shop for some of the lists which were used in the demonstration aspect of each app. It is cool that GadgetStripe has taken the liberty to write about the best shopping websites that you can use to get your workout kits and use to stay fit as you workout by following the apps to help you keep fit.

List of Best Apps Keep Fit & Workout 2020 For Both Android & IOS

1. 30 days Ab Challenge


If it has been long you workout, then you should try out this app. These best apps to help keep fit comes with a series of challenges.

The app will start your workout slowly with exercises like sit-ups, planks, leg raises, and many more. It will then set up the paste has the month goes by. In no time, you will start to see the flow and get fit again.

Download for Android and IOS.

2. Couch To 5K

Running has been proven to be effective. Unlike the weight loss exercise. Running exercise by experts says it help slows down aging in individuals.

Couch to 5k will help in no time. All you need is a free space, a sneaker, download these best apps to keep fit and go.

Download For Android and IOS.

3. Nike Training Club

Nike’s training club is one of the best apps to keep fit. It comes with about 185 workout routines, that will get you in shape in no time.

The best way to enjoy this fitness app is to get yourself a pair of Bluetooth, play your favorite playlist, and follow the instructions given by the app. And see the app help you a lot in this lockdown.

Download for Android and IOS

4. Simply Yoga

Working out must no be a vigorous stress routine at all times. Simply yoga is a great way to get some stretches in. The app will help in breathing, postures, and your running schedule.

We added simply yoga in the best apps to keep fit because it’s easy to use. And has a personal trainer to help you through the yoga process.

One thing you can choose a routine time of 20, 40, or 60 minutes for the exercise.

Download for Android and IOS

5. Sworkit

One f the best apps to keep fit. Sworkit has over 25 million users so you know it’s good to use. On this app, you can choose the kind of workout you want and designate a time to time and watch sworkit deliver.

It’s the best app for weight loss. You can also use work even after the lockdown and the exercise can be carried out anywhere.

Download for Android and IOS.

There you have it. There are more best apps to keep it. But these stand out among the free versions. As you know the paid versions offer more features. Help us know the one you would be trying during this lockdown and beyond.

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