Top 10 Best Apps For kids & Toddlers To Learn Spanish

apps for kids to learn spanish

Are you searching for a way to teach your kids Spanish? Well, let me recommend the best apps for kids & toddlers to learn Spanish. As you know there are other ways you can help your kids learn Spanish. Either take them to see a tutor or using tech gadgets. It is the joy of a lot of parents to see their kids or toddlers learning a new language like Spanish. So they try all they could to help them achieve this very goal.

Though some of us as parents don’t even speak fluent Spanish yet, we still want our kids to learn the language. As they say, children learn new things faster. At a younger age, it is easy to teach them. Why, because as they grow, they tend to get familiar with the language and speak fluently. Studies have shown us that kids learn more through interaction which includes singing, talking, reading, and playing.

That why am recommending using apps for kids to learn. Due to advancements in tech, we can now use our phones or tablets to help make our kids learn new things. Which includes learning Spanish. Most of us now rely heavily on tech. Which in my opinion has helped reduce our work and as help shape our learning world. With certain apps on your phones or tablets, you can learn whatever you want to learn. With no stress at all.

These apps to learn Spanish are designed to help younger learns to know the basics of the language. They are designed to help kids learn and also have fun while learning. The apps have features that will help younger Spanish learners learn quickly. All you have to do is to install these apps for kids to learn Spanish and that’s all.

Now getting an app that works well can be frustrating. Because some might no give your kids what they want. For these, I have detailed every information about these apps to learn Spanish for kids. So you can carefully read it and install the app that you think will be good for your kids. And has an amazing feature to help them learn faster. Most apps have a terrible interface. And are not kid-friendly. However, the apps I will listing are totally for kids. Even free Spanish learners can use these apps to learn.

Although some of these apps have in-app purchases. So to enjoy the full features of these apps you will have to pay for them. Another reason I love this method of using apps to teach kids Spanish is that you can use it to help your kids at any time and anywhere. You can use it even on vacations. Without much time-wasting let’s get to see these apps.

Top 10 Apps For Kids & Toddlers To Learn Spanish In 2021

Preschool- Spanish

This app will help kids & toddlers to learn the Spanish language easily. It covers the complete syllabus on kindergarten, preschool, or nursery school. The app comes with amazing animations that will help them learn quickly. There is also an interactive quiz at the end of every lesson. And again, it has a nice user interface.

And it’s completely free and offline. Your kids can now learn Spanish anywhere and at any time. It also contains kids’ activities like drawing, connecting the alphabet, etc. The courses covered include numbers, alphabets, shapes, colors, and many more. The app can also work on tablets with a wider screen. It’s a perfect learning app with no form of distractions for kids. It’s suitable for kids below 7years.

Download on Android

Spanish Learning For Kids

Spanish Learning for kids is an exciting and must-have app for parents who wants their kids to learn Spanish at a young age. It combines education and fun in its approach to teaching. Kids will learn and also have fun while learning. Kids love playing games and this app has that.

It has a lot of features that will help improve you or your kids. If you teach them yourself. You can repeat the word until you get it right. Each word represented also has its spellings displayed. The app is good for both adults and kids who want to learn Spanish. It’s free. However to unlock the other features you will have to purchase the app. The user interface is amazing. So you won’t have any problem using this app.

Download on Android and iOS

Gus On The Go

If you want to take your kids’ Spanish skills to an entirely new level, you just have to try this very app. Gus on the Go help teach your kids Spanish basics. The starts to teach kids from the first vocabulary before growing into making short sentences. Your kids learn to pronounce words in Spanish with the help of some animation. After this, you move on to storytelling. Where kids to hear exciting short stories.

Based on what they have learned so far. Once your kids are done with the interactive and story section. There is a simple game for them. So they can learn and still catch some fun. Professionals have said to help kids learn better spice it up with a little fun. That’s what this app has done. To help kids learn Spanish with no any form of stress. Try this app today and you won’t regret it at all.

Download on Android and iOS

Learn Spanish For Kids By Kidstube

Learn Spanish is an exciting app that allows kids to learn Spanish with ease. The app contains about 694 words which are categorized into twenty-four different topics. Which include words, alphabets, animals, and many more.

The app contains lots of learning materials and videos for kids to learn Spanish. However, the app doesn’t produce its videos but gets videos from YouTube. With that said, the app is free and contains games and a listening quiz at the end of every topic to help the kids retain what they’ve learned. The app is suitable for kids from 4 years and above. The app is only available for Android users only.

Download on Android

Spanish Learning For Kids By Marlu Studio

Spanish Learning for kids is one app that helps you learn Spanish. Both kids and those who want to learn Spanish from the very beginning can try out this very app. It starts its teaching by helping you learn more about vocabularies. The app helps display words and make the pronunciation of these words.

It also uses a balloon to display words. This approach help kids learn faster. However, some users have somewhat negative views of that app. They aid it doesn’t have any form of English translation like the others. That’s it’s Spanish. Well, my view on this is that the app will help your kids get familiar with Spanish words more. If the interpretations were there it won’t sink well. The app is not free though. To unlock additional features you have to make an in-app purchase.

Download on Android and iOS

Learn Spanish Free For Beginners

This app helps kids from the age of 6 and above in building their Spanish vocabulary. It helps improve the listening, writing, and reading skills of kids. The app contains over 500+ words to help kids build their vocabularies. It uses both images and audio to help learners learn quickly. Not only that your kids learn Spanish, but they can also still have fun while learning. It’s packed with amazing quizzes and games. So Spanish is no longer boring to your kids. The app is not free though. To enjoy its full features you have to make an app purchase. And it only available on Android phones.

Download on Android

Learn Spanish For Kids

Learn Spanish for kids also known as the Spanish school bus is an awesome app for all parents who want their kids to learn Spanish. It is suitable for kids from 4 years and above. It contains over 300 words which are set in 60 different categories. Which includes travels, numbers alphabets, greetings, colors, and much more. One feature that sets it apart is the presence of music video and achievement. The music videos help keep kids entertained. And they are educational videos. And at each level of studies, kids are presented with quizzes and when they pass they get a certain achievement that motivates them to keep learning.

Downward on Android and iOS

StudyCat: Learn Spanish For Kids

One thing about the StudyCat app is the fun games it brings to the table. Kids get to learn core Spanish vocabulary and language basics. It has pronunciation features that use both male and female voices in pronunciation. These features help kids in pronouncing these words appropriately. The app was designed for kids from 3 years of age to 10 years. At the end of every lesson, there games for learners to play. The app combines and learning and gaming. It approach will help kids learn Spanish without being bored.

Download on Android and iOS

Learn Spanish: 15,000 Words

Learn Spanish is one app you have to install if you want your kids to get familiar with all the words and phrases in Spanish. This app can be used by both kids and adults. It helps improve your reading, writing, and listening skills. It covers over 6000 commons words which are used day to day in a Spanish home and 5000 phrases.

For each word, the app offers an image of the word and audio to help in getting the right pronunciation. You can let the app choose any topic for you at random to practice. And at the end, in each practice, there is a game to play to test if you’ve nailed the words you just learned. The app is free to download and has in-app purchases. If you want to unlock its additional features.

Download on Android and iOS

Bilingual Child

Available only on iOS devices. This app comes with amazing animated books to teach young learners how to speak Spanish. Mind you even toddlers can use this app to also learn. It uses an interactive way of teaching. The app uses two characters to help kids learn Lucy who speaks English and Carlos who speaks Spanish.

Also, it helps kids have basic knowledge of both languages. The app has fun and interesting for kids. They will learn how to make the correct pronunciation of words. Toddlers will enjoy interacting with these characters. To wrap it up, there is a game that helps test the ability of kids on what they’ve learned. The app is not free. It contains an in-app purchase. So if you want to unlock additional features for kids you have to make payments.

Download on iOS


That’s it the top 10 Apps for kids & toddlers to learn Spanish at comfort. As you can see we have made the list so extensive so you can help choose whichever suits your taste. Each app can help your kids learn the basics in Spanish. From learning simple words to make sentences. Some of these apps will even help your kids learn how to interact using Spanish. You don’t have to get a tutor for your kids anymore.

With the help of these apps and your support, your kids will learn how to speak, write and read Spanish. However, interaction will help them learn better so I will advise them to constantly help them interact with Spanish-speaking people to help them grow. And improve in what they have learned from the apps.

Feel free to comment in the comment box below about how you feel about these apps. And which app you used to help your kids in learning Spanish.

Also, share this post with friends and family, you might not know who it will be of help to.

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