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Best Apps To Watch Movies Online/Offline On Android & iPhone

best apps to watch movies
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There are billions of mobile device users across the world and there are a lot of mobile apps as well, but, if you want to stream movies on your device which best apps to watch/stream movies online or offline on iPhone or on Android? This article focuses on the best apps to watch and stream movies online. Unlike the traditional ways of watching movies in cinemas or at home on your tv screens, you can watch and stream Nigerian and foreign movies on your smartphones.

There are a lot of movie genres just like we have a lot of music genres and you might be looking for your perfect genre. These apps have movies in almost all genres that you can pick from and also have the ability to perform a search of movies.

Right from a long time ago and till now, this is 2021. Our mobile phones have given us access to watch and download movies in our own comfort zones at any time. Even at work or during leisure times you can grab your phones and use these best apps to watch movies and stream movies on Android and iOS the wonderful films you love. Let’s not wait too much time here. Come check out the best apps to watch the latest or old movies on your smartphone.

Best 5 Apps To Watch Movies Online/Offline On Android & iPhone 2022

1. Netflix

Netflix is one of the world’s leading subscription services for watching and streaming movies and TV shows online on both Android and iPhone devices tho it is not free. It boasts a collection of award-winning movies, documentaries, and series. That can keep you glued. With its mobile app, you can take Netflix anywhere. The app is easy for to you use. Let me no spill out all the features try it and give testimonies later

Download Netflix on Android and iOS

2. Starzplay

This mobile app is another app to watch movies on your iPhone or Android device and the app allows you to stream movies as you want. It has a large collection of blockbuster movies of different categories you can select from. Yours is to search for the movie you want, tap play and watch. The videos are in HD which is pleasant to the eyes.

Download Starz on Android and iOS

3. IRokoTv

This app is for Nollywood lovers to watch movies online on both Android and iPhones. It contains both old and new Nollywood movies and series. IRokoTv had a huge collection of both Nigerian and Ghanaian movies you can select from all you have to do is to sign up and go start watching. Alright if you have an existing account with IRokoTv you can simply link it to the app.

Download IRokoTv on Android and IOS.

4. Showmax

Showmax is an internet Tv service that offers premium movies online. This is another app to watch movies online on iPhone or Android. For a single monthly fee, get all you can eat access to a huge collection of movies. The app has a high collection of kids’ movies, documentaries and so many others. Not show on what to watch or confuse about the many movies, Showmax got your back. The app recommends movies for you to watch. Its movie player is smooth with no ads and just like the other apps, it is the best app to watch movies on iPhone and Android phones.

Download Showmax on Android and IOS.

5. Show Flix

ShowFlix is a platform where users can watch dozens of movies for free and can also download from them. With nice streaming services, you can bet to have a nice time streaming. The app also gives you access to listen to audiobooks. This is one the best app to watch movies on iPhone.

Download Showflix on Android and IOS.

These best apps to watch movies are all nice with a nice user interface. You can use any to get the movies of your choice. For those who also love amine movies like me, you can watch them using TubiTv they are nice. Let’s know which you will be trying out.

{Quick Recap} The 12 Best Apps to watch movies on both Android and iPhone are:

  • Netflix
  • StarzPlay
  • Disney+
  • PopconFlix
  • PlutoTv
  • Tubi TV
  • iRokoTV
  • Sony Crackle
  • Crunchyroll
  • ShowMax
  • Vudu
  • Show Flix
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