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Top Five Android Apps To Download Movies For Free 2020

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Hey, looking for apps to download movies for free? Let us help you. Mobile phones are gradually replacing traditional movie devices. Smartphones come with nice display screens that give it’s users an awesome experience.

Using phones to watch movies have become popular in the world now. Because you can access your phone at any time. So with that, you can have access to your movies at any time also.

These apps are for free and it will help you search for movies and download them as you want. So let’s get down to them. Where some people love to watch or download Korean movies, some do prefer to watch HD movies on their device all of the apps mentioned in this article can help you download movies for free

These apps are free and are easy to use and boast of a large collection of movies. Some are even arranged in categories to ease your search. Check out Groovy Bot. One good thing us that some of these apps work on a slow internet connection. However, some might come with annoying ads.

Top 5 Best Apps To Download Movies For Free 2020

1. AVD Download Video

AVD download video is an awesome android apps to download movies for free. You can download movies on this app by clicking the video link.

Just like the normal browser, you click on the video link to die load and it starts automatically. The download notification is shown on the phone notification bar.

When the download is done it stores in the download folder in the file manager. AVD has a premium version that us much better than the free version.

Download AVD on Google Play Store

2. HD Video Downloader

This video downloader helps you watch HD videos on the internet for free. These apps to download movies for free to help you search and download videos on your Android device.

The storage location us on the sd card so as to free up space on your phone. However, you cannot use HD downloader to download movies/videos on YouTube and other copyright websites using this app.

Download HD Video Downloader on Google Play Store

3. Free Video Downloader – FVD

Downloading free movies and TV shows is possible on this app. This app is one of the best app that you can use to download videos and it can be used for free as it allows you to save movies downloaded from websites directly into your phones.

Depending on your location or country. Free movies may be prohibited in some countries. However, please note that you download on this app at your risk we at gadgetstripe are not owners of this app.

Download FVD on Google Play Store

4. Flixster Video

Flixster boast of a huge collection of movies and Tv shows on Android devices. This app allows its users to stream and download full-length movies in high quality.

However, this app cannot be used to download videos from Youtube and other paid websites. And also movies can be accessed based on a countries location.

Download Flixster Video on Google Play Store

5. Vidmate

Vidmate is an awesome android app that allows free download of movies. One advantage of Vidmate is that it’s easy to use and allows for free youtube video download.

To sum it, you can download any kind of movie, music, comedy, and tv shows for free on Vidmate. Soon, in one of our articles, we will give our full review of the Vidmate app you sure want to stick to GadgeStripe to see that soon.

Download Vidmate on Google Play Store

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